"Where Fandom Is Family."

Posted by Andrew Scott on

Fanalogue is about celebrating what we love, and building community around that celebration. There really is nothing quite like running across a kindred spirit who is just as, if not more excited about something than you are: it creates bonds, fosters new experiences, and in many cases, you can learn something new about what you love from other fans, that you didn't know before.

Fandoms abound. Whether it's a fandom surrounding film and television franchises such as Harry Potter or Star Trek, music bands or genres, Broadway musicals, comic books, food, sports, you name it - there's probably a fandom. And that's what Fanalogue intends to celebrate - ALL of them, and all of us. And chances are, you aren't just a part of one fandom - but of MANY. And you'd love to meet people who celebrate multiple fandoms, or at least find more people to geek out with. That's what Fanalogue is about.

There's even more to Fanalogue than what's described above, but we're taking it one step at a time. We hope you dig what's to come.